A Couple More Fun Seattle Festivals

There always seems to be at least a few festivals taking place in Seattle each month. For those that want to experience the new and unusual and have fun in the process, out city is one of the best. Here are two taking place in February that you might want to check out.

Seattle Improvised Music Festival - GoodShepherdCenter - Feb 5th, 6th & 7th

This amazing music festival brings some of the most daring and experimental music you have ever heard to one place for three days. Hear everything from classical to improv to electronic music to music that uses instruments that people have made themselves. And it takes place every month, so you can always get a new dose of the unusual.

FIUTS CulturalFest - University of Washington - Feb 26th & 28th

Join in the fun as the international students of UofW come together to spread awareness of the cultures from which they come. See arts and crafts, play some games, participate in workshops and watch a wide variety of performances. Best of all, it’s free, so you can expand your cultural knowledge without spending a dime.


Photo courtesy of Punctured Bicycle via Wikicommons