Dig In at a Seattle Food Truck

The food truck scene is getting bigger these days, and Seattle is one place where the trend has really caught on. Discover a few of the city’s mobile gems by tracking down and having a meal at one of these great establishments. Take along a date and experience something new together. Where Ya At Matt is one spot that you should definitely check out. This New Orleans-themed truck serves up food so good that they made the top 10 list of all food trucks in the country. For some of the city’s best pulled pork sandwiches, head to Maximus Minimus. This strangely shaped food truck is one of Seattle’s favorites and the perfect place to have a meal on the go. And if you’re in the mood for some Korean-Hawaiian fusion, there’s always Marination Mobile. Just make sure you’re ready to wait in line, because this one always gathers a crowd.


Photo courtesy of MarmadukePercy via Wikicommons