Two Film Festivals for May

For all the cinephiles out there, the month of May brings with it two excellent film festivals. They overlap a bit, but if you’re a fan of foreign and independent films, you’ll have a lot of amazing flicks to watch.

Seattle International Film Festival - Various locations - May 14th through June 7th

This weeks-long festival brings a wealth of brilliant films from all over the world and shows them off at venues all over the city. You’ll have to check the calendar to see where to find them all, but there are likely dozens that you’ll want to see. In addition, there are several special events and parties taking place, including one night that’s devoted entirely to that most prolific of actors, Kevin Bacon.

Rainier Independent Film Festival - AshfordValley - May 15th, 16th & 17th

You’ll have to travel up to Mt.Rainier to take part in this one, but what you’ll find is a collection of some great indie films. The venues are varied and unique, from an old schoolhouse to a lodge, making the experience even more interesting. So stop off to see a movie or two, sit in on a workshop and meet some of these potentially up-and-coming filmmakers.


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