Ballard Pizza Company
Italian cuisine in Ballard

Their pizza is simple but well-made. Enjoy both slices and full pies at Ballard Pizza Company. Order online for a cozy date at home.

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The Masonry
Wood fired pizza in Seattle

Looking for pizza in Queen Anne? Take your date to The Masonry. Try the meatballs and beer, too.

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MOD Pizza
Fast Italian food in Downtown Seattle

It's a hip place to eat pizza. Take your date to MOD Pizza for some fun and delicious eats. Try the Mad Dog or Lucky Sunshine.

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The Independent Pizzeria
Italian cuisine in Madison Park

Enjoy Euro pizza? Take your date to The Independent Pizzeria. Enjoy favorites like the Stevedore.

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More Eating and Drinking in Seattle

Whether you’re in the mood for some great beer or just want to hang out and stuff your face with delicious food, the Seattle area is a good place to be. Here are two food and drink-centric festivals coming up in June that you might want to check out.

Washington Brewers Festival - MarymoorPark... Read More

Clever Bottle
A Belltown wine bar

Sleek, modern, yet cozy. At Clever Bottle, you and your date can enjoy a variety of wine and drinks. They also have famous bites, like goat cheese truffles.

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The Upstairs
A quiet place that serves your favorite cocktails

Love a good Moscow Mule in a copper mug? Try it at The Upstairs in Seattle. The Lemon Thyme cocktail is particularly good, too.

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A lounge in Ballard

Love a good mystery with your drinks? Take your date to Hazlewood. Try out the peephole and secret area in the lounge.

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Some Random Bar
A pub in Belltown

How do crab nachos sound? Enjoy them with your date at Some Random Bar in Seattle. They are also known for several popular handcrafted beverages.

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A Delicious Couple of Weeks in Seattle

The end of the month of May is bringing with it a few amazing events that will provide you with an opportunity to taste some spectacular food and drink. If you have a spare afternoon, make one of these into your date destination.

Aloha Brewfest - CascadiaCommunity College - May 30th

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