Art of the Table
A truly amazing Greek restaurant

Regarded by many as the best Greek eatery in all of Seattle, Art of the Table is a restaurant that focuses on putting out food crafted to perfection in both taste and presentation.  They buy their ingredients locally, getting the best of what Seattle has to offer and making sure that everything they prepare is top quality.  For... Read More

The Walrus and the Carpenter
For great oysters, seafood and more

The Walrus and the Carpenter is a great Seattle Oyster bar put together by a group of people that include an award-winning chef, so you know they take pride in their restaurant.  Their goal was to combine the best of seafood with an atmosphere that is casual and comfortable enough to relax in.  And they succeed for sure, as the restaurant is now so... Read More

Bambino’s Pizzeria
For some of Seattle’s best pie and beer

Located right up close to the Seattle Space Needle, Bambino’s Pizzeria is more than just a place to get a good pie, it’s one of the city’s best places to try some top-notch beer.  All their pizzas are crafted in the brick oven to get that proper flavor.  The beer selection is carefully chosen from amongst the best... Read More

Purple Café and Wine Bar
A world-class wine and food bar

Located in the heart of Seattle’s downtown, The Purple Café and Wine Bar is a place with an amazing décor and an even better reputation for excellence.  If you’re a lover of wine, this is one place in the city that you should check out for sure.  They’ve got an excellent selection and can mix you up a cocktail as well, if wine isn’t your... Read More

Needle and Thread
A Seattle speakeasy hideaway for lovers of great drinks

If you’re looking to find yet another stop on the Seattle speakeasy route, stop by Capitol Hill and check out Needle and Thread.  Located above the Tavern Law, you might not even know it’s there if someone didn’t tell you.  Once you make it through the door, you’ll find that you’re in a place where they take crafting cocktails very seriously.  With no menu to choose from, you’ll... Read More

Radiator Whiskey
A selection of whiskeys to satisfy every taste

With a name like Radiator Whiskey, how could you not want to pay this cool cocktail bar a visit? But aside from the interesting name, the true glory of this bar is that it has a selection of liquors that will blow you away. Masterful bartenders will mix you up some of the best drinks in Seattle and they’ll do it for a reasonable price. Or just... Read More

The Zig Zag Cafe
A classy little speakeasy at Pike Place

Located right up next to Pike Place Market, The Zig Zag Café may be a little hard to find, but once you get there you’ll discover that your journey was well worth it.  With its rustic and elegant charm, you’ll feel like you stepped back in time.  The bartenders at Zig Zag are pretty serious about their drinks, so expect some amazing cocktails when you... Read More

Sun Liquor
A classy little Seattle speakeasy

With two locations on Capitol Hill, Sun Liquor is easy to find and a great place to spend an evening out when you’re looking for somewhere with a little more class.  This is a classic speakeasy-styled cocktail lounge, so don’t expect too much in the way of a beer selection, but do expect your drinks to be top of the line.  With well-trained and... Read More

White Horse Trading Company
A British dive worth spending a night at

Position on the border of downtown and Belltown, White Horse Trading Company is a cool little pub modeled off of a British bookstore design.  They offer up the best in brews, wine and cocktails and keep their selections rotating so you always have something new to look forward to.  Best of all, the drinks here are cheap enough that you don’t have to worry about spending too much.  They even... Read More

Knee High Stocking Co.
A cozy and classy speakeasy on Capitol Hill

With a classy and intimate atmosphere, Knee High Stocking Co. is a speakeasy-like bar that is perfect for sipping cocktails away from the normal, rowdy bar scene.  Though it’s small and sometimes hard to get a seat on the busy nights, the quality of the drinks there makes it worth the effort.  And in addition to the great... Read More