Bathtub Gin & Co.
Seattle’s hidden speakeasy treasure

If you’re looking for the ultimate in speakeasy bars in Seattle, look no further than Bathtub Gin & Co.  Positioned surreptitiously in a basement below an apartment complex, this dimly lit bar has the perfect ambiance to go with its classic Prohibition era style.  For those that enjoy lovingly crafted cocktails and bartenders that... Read More

Uber Tavern
For a fun and friendly place to hang your hat

Uber Tavern is one of those places that once you have a visit you’ll be telling everyone you know about it.  The selection of beer is amazing and the atmosphere is such that you can’t help but have fun during your night out drinking.  With cheap drinks and a friendly staff, Uber Tavern is made even better.  If you’re looking for a new neighborhood bar to... Read More

The Beer Junction
A beer bar and beer store all-in-one

Located out in West Seattle, The Beer Junction is the ultimate solution for those that want a great place where they can sit back and have a few drinks and then take a six-pack home with them.  If you’re a beer aficionado, you’ll fall in love with this place almost instantly.  The staff can help you find the best of what you’re... Read More

Traveling the Sultan’s Trail
Take the long trek from Austria to Turkey

For a truly massive hiking challenge, take a few months off and make your way to Istanbul, Turkey to start the walk of a lifetime, the great Sultan’s Trail.  Designed to follow the path of a sultan of the Ottoman Empire as he made his way to conquer Vienna, this daunting journey... Read More

Mountain Biking the Grand Staircase
For some of the best views in Utah

If you want to have a great cycling adventure, take a trip to Utah and travel the GrandStaircaseEscalanteNational Monument.  Pedal your way amongst the canyons and plateaus of the region, taking in the amazing scenery of colorful cliffs and rock formations.  Stop off at... Read More

Hiking the West Coast Trail
Enjoy the beauty of Canada’s Vancouver Island

For a wonderful adventure through some of Canada’s best landscapes, consider taking the 47-mile trek across the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island.  Located within Pacific RimNational Park, this hike is considered by many to be one of the... Read More

Safari in Masai Mara National Reserve
Enjoy the beauty of this amazing Kenya landscape

Home to some of the largest crocodiles in the world, Masai Mara National Reserve is a great place for a safari if you’re a couple that wants to see the amazing animals of the African continent.  This also happens to be one place where the famous wildebeest migration happens, though you’ll have to... Read More

Tour the Ancient Trade Routes
See the history of trade in the Holy Land

For couples with an interest in the ancient history of our world, there’s a brilliant tour that you can take that lets you travel some of the old trade routes that were used in the region of the Middle East.  They start you off in AqabaPort, in the country of... Read More

Midnight Blossom
For flowers and so much more

More than just a simple flower shop, Midnight Blossom is a place to go if you want to create something truly unique for that special gift.  You can get a bouquet or an arrangement there or, for a more unusual present, you can even craft a terrarium for a more permanent addition to your home.  With a long list of happy customers, Midnight Blossom... Read More

A chocolate lover’s paradise

For a taste of one of Seattle’s best and most highly praised chocolate shops, take a trip up to Queen Anne and check out Chocolopolis.  While they don’t make their own products, what they do is provide a place where hundreds of types of chocolate from many different countries come together.  Visit the shop, browse the extensive selection... Read More