Ma Mo Jewelry Design
For amazing custom jewelry

Though it has its origins in the state of Hawaii, Ma Mo Jewelry Design has since set up shop in Seattle.  If you want to find something both elegant and unique, this is the store to check out.  In addition to offering all sorts of repair services, MaMo specializes in creating custom... Read More

One of Seattle’s favorite florists

A dedication to creating exquisite arrangements and providing top-notch customer service has turned Buckets flower shop into one of Seattle’s favorites.  Rave reviews all around praise their ability to put together exactly what people need and get it to where it needs to go promptly.  Best of all, Buckets is a more reasonably priced... Read More

Intrigue Chocolate Co.
Amazing chocolate by the Seattle waterfront

Located right down by the waterfront, Intrigue Chocolate Company is a great little Seattle chocolate shop that serves up some of the best in all-natural creations.  You can stop by and make your selection by hand or even order online if you just can’t make it there.  For the more adventurous, they even offer some classes on... Read More

The Baranof
Karaoke and cheap, strong drinks

Take a trip to northwest Seattle and you’ll find a little drinking establishment known as The Baranof.  With a sign out front that proudly announces that they have “lousy food” and “bad service”, you just can’t resist the urge to walk in and see if what they have to say is true.  In reality, however, The Baranof is a great dive bar that also serves up food and bills itself as a karaoke bar. ... Read More

The Waterwheel Lounge
One of the diviest dive bars your find in the city

Located out in Ballard, The Waterwheel Lounge is a classic dive bar for those casual nights out.  With cheap drinks and fun stuff to do like karaoke and trivia night, you’ll have no problem relaxing in this cool little drinking spot.  The ambiance sets the mood, with fake wood on the walls and dim lighting, but if a dive bar is what you want,... Read More

The Stumbling Monk
For some of the best Belgian beers in the city

If you’re looking for a place that is small, quiet and has a great dive bar atmosphere while still serving up excellent beer, check out The Stumbling Monk.  They only keep eight or so beers on tap at a time, but they are always amazing choices that cover a decent range of what’s out there.  Best of all, they rotate on a regular basis, so you can come back the following week and try something... Read More

Auto Battery
A cool and casual sports bar on Capitol Hill

If you’re looking for a great sports bar up on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, check out Auto Battery.  This isn’t the kind of bar that tries to impress with the number of televisions or overwhelming style, it’s more a drinking place that relies on being fun and comfortable.  You’ll find an interesting and eclectic selection of drinks, all... Read More

Rob Roy
Classy and quiet for a relaxed night out

For an upscale yet affordable place to have a few drinks, check out Rob Roy in Belltown.  Unlike many other bars in the area, this place breaks away from being just another place to bar hop and offers a classy atmosphere and some amazingly well-made drinks.  Don’t expect big and rowdy crowds at Rob Roy, just a quiet place to enjoy a night off.  If... Read More

Can Can
Dinner and cabaret - what could be better?

For an amazing first date experience that is a little bit out of the ordinary, take a trip down to Can Can kitchen and cabaret in downtown Seattle.  This underground nightspot has a reputation that draws people from all over the city to the venue again and again.  They offer dinner, drinks and a constantly changing selection of wonderful... Read More

Cowgirls Inc.
A sexy dance club in downtown Seattle

Just outside of downtown Seattle is a sexy dance club and bar known as Cowgirls Inc.  So named for the sometimes scantily clad employees, just because there are a lot of half-naked women at Cowgirls Inc. doesn’t mean that the clientele are all men.  In fact, ladies get in for free.  Listen to DJs spin the music while beautiful women dance... Read More