Inn at the Market
A Seattle waterfront hotel that boasts easy access and an amazing view

Inn at the Market is one amazing hotel, located right on the beautiful Seattle waterfront and within the Pike Place Market, one of the city’s premiere attractions.  Couples can explore the city and then come back to enjoy a relaxing time on the rooftop deck, taking in the breathtaking view of the Puget Sound and the Olympic... Read More

Alta Lake State Park
Enjoy the sweet stillness of nature as you camp away your worries with someone special.

Stroll along the beauty that is Alta Lake and wonder at the mysteries of the wild world as you gaze into its glassy depths with your lover’s hand in your own. If you want to take you relationship to the next level—make a commitment, take a plunge—now is the time to do it. Celebrate with some joyous sailboarding or a round of golf nearby. If you’re popping a big question, bring some camping... Read More

Anderson Lake State Park
Make these wetlands the place you return to on your wedding anniversary to mark where your love began.

Does the man or woman of your dreams share your love of nature and all things outdoors? If so, take him or her on an adventure to Anderson Lake State Park this weekend. You can hike to your heart’s delight around the 410 acres of land, or bring along your bikes for some trail riding together. Bring a boat for some quiet time along floating on the lake, and bring fishing poles to catch some... Read More

Battle Ground Lake State Park
Grab your love interest and spend the day over at Crater Lake for some fishing, swimming and more.

It’s not every day that you get to play inside or around an ancient volcano, but that’s exactly what Battle Ground Lake State Park is built around. Crater Lake isn’t from an asteroid but a steam explosion from this very volcano. Whether you’re into geology or just want to say you fished in a volcano crater, head over to this lake with your girlfriend or boyfriend to be for a fun adventure this... Read More

Bay View State Park
This small park is the perfect place for a quick afternoon getaway picnic for two.

At just 25 acres, Bay View State Park is not one of the largest recreation areas in Washington. But it has a lot to pack into its space, from bird watching to swimming, hiking to camping to paddling and more. Pack a picnic and head over to watch the gulls, but feed them at your own risk because they’ll bother you forever! Then take a stroll along the beach hand in hand as you share your hopes... Read More

Beacon Rock State Park
This monolithic rock will make you feel like warriors and maidens from an ancient time.

Sure, there are thousands of acres of forest lands and plenty of hiking trails in Beacon Rock State Park, but it is the park’s namesake that makes it so special. This giant rock is 848 feet tall and encircled with a ring of greenery, and from afar it could easily be from another time and place. Use it to transport yourself and your lover back into a world of heroes and villains, or to create a... Read More

Belfair State Park
Steal a kiss on the beach from someone fine and fair and maybe you’ll have a new love tonight.

Belfair State Park has been available to the people of Washington since 1952, and there are so many activities to do there that you could make it your date night destination for months. You can go fishing, camping and swimming as you would at any other park, but you can also try your hand at clam digging with your sweetheart. There’s bird watching, crab fishing and lots of different outdoor... Read More

Dick's Drive-In
Try this old-style drive-in for a retro night out.

Ever been to Dick's Drive-In? Tell us about it!

Ezell's Chicken
Want to sample the fried chicken made famous by Oprah Winfrey?

How do you like the food at Ezell's Chicken?

Keep clam and try the clams and other fish dishes at Ivar's.

How do you like the cuisine at Ivar's?