A Couple More Fun Seattle Festivals

There always seems to be at least a few festivals taking place in Seattle each month. For those that want to experience the new and unusual and have fun in the process, out city is one of the best. Here are two taking place in February that you might want to check out.

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Razzi's Pizzeria
Gluten-free and vegan options in Midtown

Love pizza and grinders? How about gluten-free and vegan options? Take your date to Razzi's Pizzeria for lunch this weekend.

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Basil Box
Asian fusion in Downtown Seattle

Hungry for some Asian fish? How about veggie stir-fry? Take your date to Basil Box for something delicious.

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Umma's Lunch Box
A Downtown Korean buffet

Eating low-carb? You can still dine out! Take your sweetheart to Umma's Lunch Box downtown for some delicious Korean food.

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Amante Pizza & Pasta
Low-carb Italian cuisine in Pinehurst

Love Italiano, but not the carbs? Try Amante Pizza & Pasta. You can try favorites with your date like chicken parmesan with less than half the carbs traditional restaurants feature.

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Finding the Best Indian Cuisine in Seattle

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Italian Family Pizza
Pizza and Italian favorites in Downtown Seattle

Want to get cheap beer with your pizza? How does $1 drafts all day sound? That's what you and your date can get at Italian Family Pizza.

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Serious Pie
Exotic pizzas in Belltown

Ever wanted to try cherry bomb peppers on your pizza? How about fennel sausage and truffle cheese? Take your date to Serious Pie for some seriously gourmet pizza.

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Great table service and pizza in Belltown

Love craft beer and pizza? Take your date to Rocco's. They have happy hour, specialty pizzas and much more.

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Patxi's Pizza
Pizza and Italian eats in Ballard

Want some great pizza and appetizers? Try the happy hour at Paxti's Pizza. Get a drink and an app every day of the week with your date.

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